Outlook 2010 RepairRepair your corrupted Outlook 2010

How to fix outlook 2010 errors

A regular user of the outlook 2010 faces so many problems. The PST file which acts like a storehouse for all the data present inside the outlook 2010 like notes, e-mails, contacts and other files get corrupted and your file become inaccessible. Users are trying to know the actual cause of corruption. While trying to access the PST files various types of error messages is coming in-front of the user.

Some of the common outlook 2010 errors are:

  • Outlook.pst is not a personal folder file.
  • Outlook.pst cannot be accessed-0x80040116.
  • Outlook.pst has reached its maximum size.
  • An unexpected error prevented access to this file.
  • Sending reported error- 0x80040201.
  • An error has occurred in the script on this page.
  • Unable to send this item.
  • The operation failed due to a registry or installation problem. Restart outlook and try again. If the problem exists, reinstall it again.

When user experiencing outlook 2010 error messages, it means PST file become corrupted which makes data inaccessible. Behind this different reasons are responsible like an outlook upgrade hangs up, outlook was backed up to faulty backup media, an operating system patch fails to install correctly and power failure.

Therefore, to resolve from outlook 2010 errors the 3rd party software is available which allow you to repair all your outlook mails and other documents which were lost previously. Characteristics of the software are:

  • Compatible with all versions of windows.
  • The software will also work if your backup copy of PST files is not available.
  • It will also repair all your deleted e-mails.
  • As compared to other software, it recovers your PST files so much fast.