Outlook 2010 RepairRepair your corrupted Outlook 2010

Now it is possible to repair damaged PST file of MS Outlook 2010

Today, Microsoft outlook 2010 becomes the popular application as compared to previous one. As it is fully used by the user because it has comed with more advanced features as compared to previous versions like the PST file of this version has large storage capacity. In this ms outlook you can send e-mails, contacts and documents very fastly as compared to previous version. But, if any problem occurs inside the pst file such as corruption of pst file then you are unable to access the pst file data and it become impossible for you to send any e-mails, contacts, drafts, notes etc. In that situation, chances to regain data become impossible because all the information present inside the PST file is going to be lost.

Various reasons are responsible why this type of problem occurred with the Microsoft Outlook 2010:

  • Hardware problems like power failure
  • Software related problem
  • Terminate outlook abnormally
  • Virus or other malicious program
  • Hard disk corruption

Apart from that, the PST file can also be damaged because of the maximum storage capacity. As you know, the PST files can store data up to 2GB. If this will exceeds its limit, then there will be a chance to loose data. You are experiencing error messages, which specify that outlook 2010 data get corrupted. Some of the error messages are:

  • Unable to display the folder
  • Data error(cyclic redundancy check)
  • Outlook.pst has reached its maximum size
  • Messaging interface has caused an unknown error
  • Outlook.pst cannot be accessed 0x80040116
  • An error has occurred in the script on this page

Microsoft provided an in-built utility tool to repair the damaged PST file. This tool is already present inside this version. While trying to repair Microsoft outlook 2010 using this tool you are not succeed because it has some limitation. Suddenly, this in-built tool stops working and it become automatically switched off. Therefore, to get rid from this problem, the 3rd party software is available that will repair all your PST files data very easily. Some of the salient features of the software are:

  • Easily repair and recover all the corrupted PST files.
  • Repair all your PST files if its size is beyond larger than 2GB.
  • Repair and restore all your e-mails, contacts, notes and journals from damaged PST files.
  • This software split the large PST files into smaller one.
  • Recovers all your PST files data by using high algorithm.
  • The software also performs Repair Corrupted Ms Outlook 2010.

If you are facing problem related to Microsoft outlook 2010, then you have to download repair Microsoft outlook 2010 software so that you can easily repair Outlook 2010 data.