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Fix Outlook 2010 Error Synchronizing Folder

Outlook 2010 is one of the latest and one of the preferred versions because of its user friendly and more advanced features as compared to the earlier versions. But sometimes the user encounters certain problems and errors that lead to hindrance in the flawless usage of this email client application that is used by billions of people all over the world. One such error is the Outlook 2010 Error Synchronizing Folder or better known as the Outlook error 0x80004005 which also makes your files inaccessible. But now it is possible that you can obtain lost pst files from outlook 2010 without any hassle.

When the error appears, the user cannot open emails and encounter the operation failed message. Furthermore, 0x800ccc0e or 0x800ccc0d error messages also pop up frequently. To fix Outlook 2010 Error Synchronizing Folder it is important that one finds out the exact reason that has lead to the error and then resolve it. Crashing of outlook 2010 is also possible which is very dangerous for your files. It is very essential to troubleshoot outlook crashing on startup otherwise it can leads your system to danger. The most common reasons for the occurrence of the error are given as under:

  • Norton antivirus is blocking the scripts that let sending or receiving emails.
  • The Outlook account is not properly set.
  • Outlook Exchange server has failed.
  • Poor internet connection.
  • The Outlook PST file has got corrupt.

To get rid of the error one needs to check the Outlook account settings, check the internet connection and also uninstall the Norton antivirus application if you have installed it recently. These steps would surely help you get rid of the Outlook 2010 Error Synchronizing Folder.

However, if the error is still not fixed then it means that the Outlook PST file has got corrupt. Since this file stores all emails, attachments, notes, calendars, contacts and all the other email objects, corroption or damage to the file can lead to the inaccessibility of the entire data stored in it. Moreover, the user cannot perform even simple Outlook tasks like sending or receiving emails. To repair the file use scanpst.exe or an efficient and reliable third party PST repair utility in case scanpst.exe fails to repair the file and resolve pst cannot be found error completely.

This software uses powerful scanning algorithms which can easily recover all the lost files. It is also known as complete solution of out of memory error. So don't waste your time if you want to solve all the error related issues and problems of outlook 2010.



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